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Used agricultural machinery and construction equipment for sale.

At Serge Noël Equipment, we buy and sell used heavy machinery to simplify the lives of our customers. That's why we offer a simple and fast possession process for customers who wish to buy from us, and we offer an equally simple and fast transaction process for those who wish to trade or sell their equipment.

We are committed to providing them with the best service as well as a wide selection of models of used construction equipment and agricultural machinery. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the quality of all our inventory so that each of our customers can leave with reliable machinery that they can quickly put to work, whether it's on a construction site or a farm.

Are you looking for new machinery? Take a look at our various categories of heavy equipment for sale! Do you want to sell or trade yours? Contact us !

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of prices and information on each model in inventory, errors may occur. To ensure the accuracy of prices and information on our various equipment, please contact our team.

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