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Find the used agricultural machinery & construction equipment for your needs!

Who are we?

At Serge Noël Equipment, we specialize in buying and selling construction and agricultural machinery. We are a family-owned business that relies on unique know-how and expertise developed over the years to offer you the best used heavy machinery on the market and allow you to sell yours without hassle.

Looking to buy machinery? We offer you an inventory of heavy equipment including a wide selection of used brands and models that will suit your budget and intended use. Furthermore, all our equipment in stock is available for quick possession. Want to sell quickly? Come see us, we are buyers! We also take machinery in exchange for our customers who wish to replace it with one of our models in inventory.

Construction equipment

We know the market, the equipment, and your reality. That's why we are well-positioned to advise you when buying or selling your used heavy machinery. Regardless of your geographical location—Quebec, Canada, or the United States—and whether you work in construction or in the agricultural sector, we will be happy to serve you and offer you the best in used equipment.


Consult our catalog to find the used construction equipment or agricultural machinery you need!

The advantages of doing business with Serge Noël Equipment:

  • Quality equipment and machinery

  • Family-owned business attentive to its clientele

  • Large inventory

  • Quick possession process

  • Various brands and models for all budgets

  • Financing available for individuals and companies

  • Exchange possibilities

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